Mirrors are a favorite tool of an interior designers. They transform the appearance of any room—they reflect stunning views, make a room seem lighter and brighter, and act as decorative statements. All this, besides their most usual function to help you evaluate whether you’re well dressed to make head turns at a party.

While some view bathroom mirrors as important fixtures for practical use, Wall Mirrors are both functional and stylish. The bathroom mirror ideas comprise everything from your preferred decor to the possibility for your mirror to store your bathroom necessities that otherwise will be unorganized.

The mirror you choose should never be an afterthought for your bathroom. By creatively combining the mirror with your bathroom décor, the most simple bathroom can be turned into a showstopper design.

Moreover, Kohler offers a premium range of spectacular mirror to make your bathroom stand out and beautifies your bathroom appearance. Check out this captivating mirror collection, and add personality and style to your bathroom with these lovely ideas!


Bathroom Mirror

All that glitter is not gold is false with this design. This stunning black and gold bathroom allows you to go bold. A combination that stands the testament of time and never fails to intrigue you! The circular mirror is the central point in the room, framed in thin gold, and beautifully complements the burnished gold round sink and brass accents on the countertop. The style quotient on the walls and counter is amplified by luxe Italian marble with gold flecks.



Take your bathroom look to the old Kingsley era when the majesty used to adorn themselves with this stunning gilded mirror with an ornamental frame that appears right at home among the old-fashioned clawfoot tub and mother-of-pearl chandelier. Below the mirror is a vintage dresser filled with makeup and jars creams .


Bathroom Vanity

Bring on the drama with this spectacular rectangular mirror that’s edged in silver glow lighting and spreads light everywhere! Rather than having a mirror light just above, this designer uses an LED strip on all sides of the mirror, like a border. The hexagon-tiled floor and plain grey tiles on the walls add to the visual delight.


Vanity Mirrors

The use of twin rectangular mirrors enhances the chic style of this modern bathroom. Lit up with wall sconces on each sides and framed in similar wood as the vanity. It allows for ample space in front of the mirror. Beautifully crisp, fresh towels and other items can be stored in the cabinet below the twin sinks.


Wall Mirror

This lovely oval mirror adorned with an ornate gold frame looks beautiful and complements the gorgeous little antique brass bowl sink below. The use of brass accents and natural stone tiles in the rest of the bathroom carries the look forward.


Kohler Mirror

The hexagonal patterned wallpaper combined with the hexagonal frame of this mirror and the simple counter and sink adds to the bathroom’s appearance. The use of minimum items adopts a minimalistic look.


Double Mirror with Storage

The double mirror unit carries storage shutters between the mirrors and below the counter, allowing plenty of storage space. The space’s aesthetics is enhanced by silky cream in the cabinetry and mirror frame.


Vanity mirrors with lights

Think out of the box and go for a unique shape rather than fixating on symmetry and geometric shapes. The use of an odd and exciting mirror in this compact bathroom lends an air of sophistication.


Mirror With Lights

An extra dimension is added to the bathroom space by extending the mirror almost to floor level. To one side of this unique half-circular mirror is a large white laminate storage unit. The mirror with lights is used against the dark walls to accentuate the circular shape.


Tiny Bathroom Mirror

When building a tiny bathroom, creativity is the need of the hour. You will adore this two-in-one idea. The frame extends out into a ledge with this sizeable rectangular mirror which can be utilized to store bottles and brushes for easy access.


Smart Mirror

Apart from the above designs, incorporating technology with style has given birth to intelligent mirrors. Kohlers’r sophisticated range of smart mirrors comes with voice commands which allow for a stellar combination of style and substance. Furthermore, Verdera is the centerpiece of the Kohler Nepal portfolio of intelligent products.

Combined with Amazon Alexa, it permits you to alter lighting levels and control other KOHLER Konnect products with voice commands. Sweeten your morning experience by listening to weather or traffic reports while getting ready using built-in voice-controlled LED lighting. A simple voice command can add lipstick or shaving cream to the shopping list. Rather than struggling for the light switch, elevate bathroom safety with the motion-activated nightlight making it effortless to navigate your bathroom in the dark and brightening it to a comfortable level for handwashing. It’s a unique smart mirror that will revolutionize your space and make your routine effortless.

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