Choosing a bathroom color scheme is a tough task with many options available. With the variety of color combinations available, picking colors that truly complement each other is difficult without a little guidance. Follow the simple guide to bathroom color ideas for inspiration to create the ideal bathroom space for you. The bathroom color scheme personifies your flavor and speaks volumes about your taste. It is more than the color combinations of various essential bathroom elements such as toilet commodes, washbasins, faucets, and vanity mirrors.

Moreover, while looking for trending bathroom color ideas for your home, different ideas can be incorporated to make it look vivid and vibrant. So, it is imperative to ensure that every corner of your home looks impeccably gorgeous, even bathrooms. Selecting the paint color for your bathroom can be tricky, so here is the curated list of bathroom color ideas that’ll match your aesthetic perfectly.


When considering redecorating your home, it’s a good idea to do some study on color combinations before choosing a new design scheme for your bathroom. This will guarantee that you don’t end up living in a room full of clashing colors or uncomplimentary tones. Moreover, here are the top interior design shades with some color combinations to create a harmonious home and a relaxing bathroom environment.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Two of the most natural shades in the color spectrum, these shades coordinate extremely well and create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. The classic white color combination of toilet commode and wash basin is evergreen and suits any design theme.

These complimentary colors bring the outside in with a mixture of shades that are regularly found together in the garden and they look great with natural materials including wood, wicker, and stone.

Moss and putty is a classic combination usually found in heritage properties which therefore makes decor look costly and furniture more substantial. These neutral shades are subtle if you don’t intend to make a big statement with color in the bathroom but are more impressive than standard magnolia. These neutral tones can go well with the white ceramic of most new bathroom suites on the market today. In addition, the use of such neutral colors gives a touch of calmness and serenity.

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Pastel pink and baby blue are apt color combinations as they allow Marsala to take the limelight in a room without clashing or looking out of place. These complimentary colors bring freshness into any room and will reflect light around the space, ensuring that the deep dark warm tones of Marsala don’t become oppressive.

Moreover, the use of multiple washbasins and vanity mirrors adds to the grandeur and majestic theme of the bathroom. The use of wall-mounted faucets gives it another practical touch. Kohler Nepal offers a wide and exclusive range of premium faucets, the latest technology-equipped toilet commodes, and exquisite vanity mirrors to deliver a perfect combination of visual delight, performance, and practicality. This combination of pink and blue adds a touch of mystique and charms the user with its alluring effect.

Alternatively, navy blue is another stellar combination for Marsala as it is equally rich and together the two colors will result in a room that feels cozy, calming and warm – ideal for encouraging you to relax in the bathroom!

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Gray continues to be a key color in interior design and the addition of mustard in a color scheme takes it a notch higher. It’s a strong, masculine color scheme and the contrast of cold and warm tones creates a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, simply painting one wall of the room in a mustard yellow shade can make the room warmer and it’s an affordable way to redesign your bathroom without undergoing a complete redecoration. Here the use of a corner wash basin and oval-shaped toilet commode allows for optimum space management.

This feature wall aids to create a focal point in your bathroom to place an item such as a stunning bath or grandwash basin . Furthermore, this color combination occurs in nature – think sandy beaches and sea-washed stones where two tones are guaranteed to sit well together in your bathroom to create a tranquil feeling.

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These are just a few suggestions of trending bathroom color ideas for your home combinations that can bring it to par with ongoing trends. If you don’t wish to add strong colors to the walls of your bathroom there are other popular ways to bring a splash of color to the room – the majority of people nowadays opt for a feature wall or surround using colored tiles to create a focal point for the room. Alternatively the incredible range of colored bathroom furniture designs now available can create a similar effect. Whatever you finalize you will love the impact the right colors have in creating the perfect bathroom space for you.

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