Exploring Water Closets: Benefits and Key Considerations

A water closet is a term commonly used to refer to a toilet or a room with a bathroom. Water closets are becoming increasingly popular, but many people still need clarification about the term. The term’s new definition for modern real estate complicates the matter even further.

In the late 19th century, a water closet was described as a small room with a toilet. Only in the 20th century did it become common for home builders & designers to merge bathrooms & water closets into the same space. One advantage is an enclosed space for the toilet enables more than one person to use the bathroom facilities.  

Some people need clarification about the difference between a lavatory and a water closet. Lavatory and water closets are not interchangeable, as a lavatory is a washroom with a sink, and most water closets need a sink.

While creating designs, designers consider the bathroom’s functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. Of all the bathroom fixtures, the luxury water closet is the most important and frequently used; it has also experienced the most changes over time. Water closets have the longest history. People invented and modified this sanitary gear to fit their needs, cultures, races, and other variables.

A water closet is a small room or enclosure with a toilet typically located within a bathroom. With time, there have been inventions and alterations in the appearance of this sanitary gear to suit their cultures, requirements, ethnicities, and other factors. Modern water closets have a sliding door entrance, half-wall, or shelving unit to save space that separates the toilet and the rest of the bathroom.

Benefits of a Water Closet

1. Multi Use Function

Water closets are perfect in bathroom suites because they enable numerous users to use them simultaneously, similar to principal bathrooms. This implies that one person can shower, brush their teeth, or dry their hair while another uses the lavatory.

2. Privacy

A water closet is a significant privacy boost for big families or enthusiastic hosts. It makes it possible to use the bathroom area effectively. Your teen can now take a long shower without you being locked out of the bathroom. Discrete spaces guarantee that several tasks can be completed at once.

3. Hygiene

Separating a water closet is often beneficial for hygiene reasons. It contains bacteria and smells, sanitary sinks, bathtubs, and showers. The auto-flush toilet feature lets you take care of your bathroom’s hygiene.

Things to Consider when Installing Water Closets

1. Design that Gels Well

Select a sleek and tidy Western toilet if your property is decorated, wealthy and modern. You may choose a pattern that matches your interior by sorting through the new styles made in a range of sizes and forms. For example, if the furniture in your bathroom has curved edges, you can select a toilet commode that is round or oval in shape. 

2. Opt for a size that fits just right.

It is essential to consider size while redesigning your interior, particularly if you are altering the bathroom’s dimensions. To make sure it fits in the space, check the rough-in size. When comparing sizes, consider more than only the space’s interior design when determining the practical height for use. Everything has to be considered, including the size of the toilet and the rough-in size. 

3. Match Space with Style

Western toilets are typically compact and comprise two components: the seat and the tank. Based on your tastes and the structure, you can choose an easy-to-use and maintain style. There are numerous categories for toilets, including one-piece, wall-hung, and floor-mount models. A single-piece wall-hung toilet is simpler to clean and maintain and gives the impression that the area is larger. Because of its lower size, installation is made simpler.

4. Pay Attention to Features

Technological developments have revolutionized the toilet and sanitary ware sector. As a result, there are many different functions available on the toilets. With features like high-tech water-saving technology, soft-close seat coverings, and an efficient flush mechanism, modern toilets offer the best possible experience. Seats that have soft closed covers keep the seat from being left up or slammed. Installing an automatic smart technology flush is another option. Choosing a water closet commode that has an effective flushing system that conserves water can help you lead a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. Exquisite elements give your bathroom an opulent feel in addition to adding to its richness. 

Closing Thoughts

There are many good reasons to consider building or remodeling your home with a water closet in mind. Water closets are available in a variety of styles, including Indian, Western, and European designs. Closets have grown in popularity due to their numerous benefits and are often regarded as the greatest method of maximizing space, increasing design, and contributing to the bathroom’s décor. When looking for toilet commodes for your water closets, Kohler offers a wide range of bathroom accessories that combine style with functionality. Upgrade your bathroom today with Kohler. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a water closet?

A water closet is an enclosure or a small room with a toilet that’s typically located within a bathroom.

Where the water closet can be used?

A WC can be found in homes and public places such as restaurants, schools, hotels, and hospitals.

What is the benefit of a water closet?

Hygiene, privacy, and multi-purpose use are the benefits of a water closet.

How many types of water closets are there?

Smart toilets, two-piece toilets, wall-hung toilets, and one-piece toilets are different types of water closets available.

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